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You broke up with your girlfriend, she told for you it's over, you feel the panic because you don't know actually what is next. You feel lonely, scared not knowing what the future is holding for you, sometimes you forget about yourself, you cannot eat only spending days alone in your apartment,maybe even shedding tears, wondering why and what happened. This is  very painful, hurtful feeling which makes it hard to not be desperate after breakup. Your friends maybe telling you to forget about them and move on, that there is plenty of fish in the sea, but your heart is telling you never to give up. The question is what are some of the best ways to help you win your girlfriend back after a breakup? I Dr Shabah, as someone specialized and an expert in love related matters, i have come up with some ways which when put in action will help you to reunite with your loved one. This is what you have to do.

Spend sometime without contacting them.

You cannot solve problems, right away after breaking up, this is one the huge mistakes most people make after breaking up. During this time, you are completely totally confused and full of mixed emotions, this state of mind can't allow you to talk to them in such a way that solve your conflicts or misunderstandings. On the other hand they too, feel the same way, so they won't be able to talk to you with calm and in a respectable manner.

When you broke up with someone, their hearts go through a healing process for a while, it's a very critical, difficulty time for them, they need time and space to figure out what is next? As much as you can, create time and space without talking to them whether it's a phone call, text, email or any other social means of communication, also avoid all those places you think, you can bump into each other accidentally, unless if it's unavoidable like a place of work, college and so forth. Take a couple of weeks or perhaps a month without making any kind of communication to them, wanting to discuss what happened, pleading, begging and being needy, i understand this can't be that easy to do, but you must be determined and do it. This is for your own good, because time and space is the best remedy of healing broken hearts and wounds of the ending relationship. 

Don't panic and admit the breakup. 
Most couples who breakup, make a lot of mistakes, simply because they panic in their mind and fail to admit with the situation that they broke up. There is no shame in admitting that your relationship has ended, like i mentioned before it's hard to not be desperate after a breakup, during this time you have to be extra careful towards your actions and words. If your partner decides to leave you, don't see it as a threat in your life. When you panic and fail to admit the breakup, your mind will tell you to do a lot of things thinking that you can get your partner back at that very moment, that's when you start begging, stalking, jealousy, sometimes yelling at them in public or in front of their friends, throwing out their stuff, destruction of their properties, fighting, verbal and physical abuse etc. These behaviors will only further push them away and at times you can even find yourself in jail for destroying or damaging someone's properties. I understand how badly you want them back in your life, but avoid these actions by telling yourself that the past is past and focus or concentrate on the present. If you have committed these actions or mistakes before, don't beat up yourself over them, if you are about to commit them,tell yourself to resist,and find other ways to make yourself happy and comfortable. You can look for your old friend who was close, funny and used to make you laugh, your family should be also of great help,because am sure they will never abandon you.

If you have already made some of these mistakes, like i mentioned before don't beat yourself up, even if they should have been avoided, secondly some of these mistakes or behaviors, at some point are part of healing broken hearts and learning process.

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