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Divorce is very painful on both husband and wife, some couples do divorce and after a while they come to realize that the decision they made was the biggest mistake of their lives.In my article today am going to give you some tips how you can get back together after a divorce no matter how long you have been divorced.

List all the misunderstandings and conflicts.

Take a deep breath and recall all that went wrong in your marriage and what was your contribution in the break up. Once you get to know where exactly the problems started from, don't disagree with yourself that why my marriage ended. You divorced because there were some valid reasons and if you happen to discuss the issues don't argue them. Doing this will benefit you as a couple to a fresh start and there is nothing better than as admitting to your faults and apologize for the mess you caused.

Stop nagging and communication for some time.

Stop convincing him/her to come back and this business of calling now and then will only further them away, give them time and set your priorities, the space and the silence between you two will work in your favor. During this time make sure you look after yourself for example hit the gym to put your body fit and in shape, go for new clothes if you can, in other wards make yourself attractive and nice, the next time you will bump into each other or make appointment to meet, definitely he/ she will start missing you and probably see how valuable or important you mean to them. When you give him/her the space and keep the silence it will also give them some thoughts on what went wrong in your relationship and as a must they will ask you to work things out and the end result will be getting back together.

Keep the friendship.

In this case it's difficult and at the same time it's possible, all you have to do just remain calm and be nice to him/her,but on one condition you have to forgive and forget, check on them at least once in two weeks or a month with the text, email or twitter sometimes call them just to say hello and i hope life is treating well, this will make them think about you all the time and he will ask you to meet up and probably work things out. Another way of keeping the friendship, i suggest also you go back and start doing those special things you used to do for them before you got married. In case of celebrations like anniversaries, birth days or graduations, buy them that special gift wrap it nicely, this will make them realize that you still care and wishing them the best.

Talk to families and close friends to resolve the issues.

Sometimes when the couple divorces no one wants to take blame that it was their fault or the contributing factor for the end of the marriage. At times all we need is people close to us to intervene and resolve the issues. Make sure you involve close friends who are married and settled well, because they will look at the issues without siding and hence to know who was right and who was wrong.

If you put this into consideration and act on them i guarantee you the chance s of getting back together will be high. Now that you are back together bear in mind at some point there will be misunderstandings or disagreeing on something, but this time around learn to fight in a way whereby you respect each other.

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