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Sometimes you cannot force someone to do what he doesn't want to do, but at the same time you can influence someone to do what he didn't wanted to do and do it, and in the end you get what you want from him. Committing to someone it's not a decision, not a personality quality, it involves a specific set of choices and actions that any person can do. I Dr shabah, the most commonly asked question from my clients is, what can they do to make their men or boyfriends to be committed? As someone who is specialized in love related matters, this is the advice i give to all my clients to get their boyfriends or men committed to them. I advice them not to give their boyfriends all the benefits of the relationship before showing to them that they can commit, secondly i always advice them to make friendship to the family and friends of their boyfriends.

Don't give him all the benefits of a relationship before he is not committed to you.

By all means make sure that you make him work for the benefits of the relationship, so that he can earn a place in your life, especially on things a woman is supposed to do for her partner. Most women have a very big mistake they make especially when they have just started dating with their boyfriends. The first mistake women make is to have sex with their boyfriends soon, secondly they let their boyfriends to call them and pick them anytime they want, sleeping over most of the time, cooking for them, doing their laundry and sometimes looking after them when they are ill. In this case am not telling you to be selfish or mean towards your boyfriend, you can have sex with him but not just within a week when you have just seen or started dating, this way he will see you as a slut and with no value. Don't be available anytime he needs you, show him that you have your personal life and other commitments apart from your relationship, spend a night with him at least once a month but don't make it a routine, at times go cook and do his laundry but don't make it a everyday thing, and when he wants you let's say to accompany him to the doctor when he is ill, go and tell him that you are worried about him, but avoid staying with him instead just visit to check how he is doing.

Avoid doing these mistakes, and the reason behind this, if you do everything for him and he hasn't showed you that he is committed, he will not, believe me you, because there is no way he will commit when he gets all the benefits of a committed partner and yet he is single. Secondly let him miss you in bed, miss you when he is ill, and on top of that let him miss you in his life but don't overdo it. I promise, if you are determined to do this, your boyfriend he will give you all the respect, value you and get committed to you.

Make his family members and friends your friends too.

Make his family members and friends your friends too, how? You need some time to understand what makes them happy and upset. Whenever you are around them make sure you watch your actions and words, to avoid annoying them, or not being disgusting, if you know that when you get drunk, you talk anyhow and attack anybody, then don't drink on his sister's graduation party or birthday, also you must watch the way you dress, don't expose your body to the extent that even people can see the color of your pant inside, don't expose your boobs, because no man wants his partner to expose her body in the public, make sure by all means you are always decent the way you talk and dress.

Secondly if you make friendship with the family and friends of your boyfriend, this will influence him to get committed to you, how? If your boyfriend gets to hear good compliments or qualities from his family and friends about you, how are beautiful, well behaved, respectful, clean, funny, clever, and so on, as must he will commit by all means.

So ladies, i want you to understand from today on wards, anyone can commit, it's a decision not a personality trait, anyone is capable of doing it.

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