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Most people think that love is just for money yet ladies love and like different things from a man. Sometimes you may find some of them in need of feelings, care, and handling and yet others love appearance. According to my research I found out that ladies got many other ways of loving you more and more everyday and these are holding her hand while walking in public, buy her simple gifts, hang out together, know what she loves, give her option where to go out and lastly look after her hairs.

Hold her hand while walking in public.

This will make her feel that you are not ashamed to be with her and you are ready to show her off to the world and she is the only one in your life.

Buy her simple gifts.

Here you can send her special cards, chocolates or her designer's perfumes. Kiss her forehead and hug her from behind.                      

Go out together.

Take her to the movies, window shopping in malls, go for lunch, dinner, open for her the car door, carry handbag in public, pull the chair for her in the restaurant or help her to climb the stairs. This way you will capture her heart forever and hence love you more each day, which pass by.

Know what she loves.

Buy her favorite stuff, for example milk shake, designer's shoe and so on when she has not asked about it. Make it as a surprise buy whatever she wants most or wish to have and yet she has never got access on that thing.

Giver her options where to go out.

Sometime  ladies feel that they want to be bosses, so make sure they are bosses at the particular time and they are in charge of choosing where they would want to go out with you. When you go out, you can buy anything you feel like having and choose for her something also, but when you are about to have it, let her select what she would like to have from the two.

Change her hair style (look after her hair)

Ladies enjoy a man who takes care of their hairs, so make sure you sponsor or look after that very often, escort them to their hair stylists by surprise at once in a while, then you will see the way she loves you more every day.

To be loved more every day by your lady depends on how you play your game. It's not only sex that will make a girl love you but, you can also do things like holding her hand in public, buy her simple gifts, take her out and know what she loves. Beside that let her choose her favorite place to visit when you are going out. In addition to that her hair is the number one priority on her body, look after it every now and then as ladies they love and respect fashion.   

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