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To love and to be loved is such a beautiful thing, you feel like you have conquered the world, especially when everything is going the way you want it. But the saddest moment is when your partner tells you that you have come to the end of the road of your relationship. This is very painful, because you feel betrayed, used and hurt. Now the question, are you going to spend most of your time in bedroom crying and mourning because they broke up with you? I Dr shabah my answer is a big NO, you can still get them back, regardless of how long they have gone and no matter what happened or caused the breakup. I have come up with some proven tips today, and if you implement them immediately, your chances of getting back together will be high.

Make apology for what you did.

Before i go any further about this, take a deep breath, think and ask yourself two questions, what is it that you did or went wrong in your relationship? Secondly what is it that they did not like or complain, before you broke up? Then be honest enough to give yourself the right answers, because this will help you where to start from in your task of getting back together. Secondly you must admit to your faults, you know very well that you haven't been treating them right and whether you broke up with them, or they broke up with you, you have to face the reality and make a sincere apology. Now my question to you is, are you willing and ready to do this?

Fine, you are more than ready and willing that's good, but why do you have to do this and how i it going to help you to getting them back?

First and foremost, if you make a sincere apology it will ease their minds and thoughts of getting back with you. Secondly a sincere apology will send a clear message to them, that you still care about them, because you have swallowed your pride, if they truly loved you, definitely they will think about giving the relationship another try.

Making apology to someone whom you have hurt, especially inn the relationship, at times it's not easy, so how are you going to do this? Also here you have to be extra careful, because you have to show them, that you are truly sorry for what you did, and willing to change for better so that your relationship can work.

Ask them to have lunch or dinner together, with a text, email or even a call, once they accept to go out with you, make sure you take them to their favorite restaurant, buy them gifts such as their designer's perfumes, go for holiday together of your favorite destination, make eye contact and be polite when talking to them, but don't beg and plead.The most important thing here is, show them how sorry you are and promise to change your behaviors or attitude.

Show respect.

Love is all we need, but do you think your love will last without respect for each other? The answer is NO, is strongly emphasize, all relationship should be based on respect and honesty. You have to respect in order to get it, everyone deserves it, and this is especially important when you decide to love or date someone. I understand you were hurt and still feel the pain of your relationship, and at some point you have the feeling that it was unfair for them to break up with you. But are you still showing respect to them? You have to honor and respect their boundaries, don't stalk on them, don't even snoop in their cell phones or emails, don't even try to be an investigator to find out whom they are friends with or dating. Show them respect not only with your words, like i mentioned before all relationships should be based on respect and honesty, why is it necessary to show respect?

The most important part of any healthy relationship between couples is being able to talk and listen to one another in a respectable manner. Any relationship where there's respect for each other, it helps you to learn listening skills, and if you are good listener in your relationship, you can solve conflicts easily since there is understanding between the two of you.

Respecting one another in relationship, gives you freedom to talk honestly and freely and make decisions together, hence this makes the relationship strong. How can you show respect to your partner?

Always learn to keep calm and say to them whatever bothering you, talking calmly will help you understand the real reasons why you broke up and it's much easier to figure out how you are going to fix your conflicts. Listen to your partner, don't finish up a sentence before them, if you want to show them true respect then you should make an effort to truly listen to them when they are talking to you as well.

If you have decided that, you truly want them back and ready to do what it takes, take Dr shabah's advice am sure you won't go wrong. But you have to be focused with your actions in this regard, it's never too late to win them back and who knows, they might be your life partner till death separate you.

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