Wednesday, 18 July 2012

love spells

love spells

Black Magic Love Spell

She said to me.....

I am 46 yr old woman with four children but as i tell you these words i am on the verge of committing suicide "Poisoning my kids and my self to death" as the father of my kids as certainly left as alone. We were in love together for so many years that we had planned for our marriage when our fourth child starts talks but things have taken a very bad twist that now he left all in a rented house no food, no money, one child is sick and they are not going to school any more.

I did not do any wrong doing but one day he came back home and started beating me up when our kids are watching, called me a bitch and packed his bags and left, i thought he would return just in a few days but days have passed, now its one and half months struggling alone with the kids i have tried calling his phone but he told me he is tired of me now i am confused because i have called his family to help me know what wrong i have done but no one is explaining anything to me but a few days ago i received a call from an unknown number and a lady on it on the other side cursing and saying i should stop calling her man because they are happy together and he does not need anything to do with me and that i should kill my kids if i want to.

I told this woman with tears rolling out of my eyes that could she please just pass on a message to him that the kids are not studying and we have no money for food but she just dropped the phone and afterwards she sent me a text saying i will never ever get my man back because she did her self a love spell and witchcraft to stay with him for ever.

My Healing.....

Because it was a month and some time that the man had left the his wife i advised her to check out my black magic love spells and love spells for women which also includes the man stealer spell for those who take people's husbands and for the healing i was going to perform a never before performed spells which was a combination of different spells all for one purpose i combined black magic, and lost love spells.
Step 1.

I checked about the information that this woman had cast a spell so the other woman's man be hers and found out that it was true  and they had cast a wiccan spell which i understood how to reverse easily. I checked and also truly explained to her that she must not be in her periods and we had to wait for the full-moon because that is when spells work effectively excellent.

Step 2

I had to perform a cleansing on her to make sure there are no negative energies or spirits that might hinder or give me any challenge while i start the spells because I didn't want to make any excuses. I also performed a bonding between her and her ancestral spirits for her safety because it was a very difficult situation she was in.

Step 3

Performing of the sacrifice which had to do with slaughtering of two goats white and black to appease the spirits on what we were to start. Then lastly i performed the spell combined and the process went on to be a success. Because of the combination the wiccan spell was reversed and lost love spell effected

Its been two weeks now but positive results i am told already showing because he has cleared the rent and he came once to check on the kids.